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Fetch book cover

FREE on WED 29th


The Bennington Boy book cover
The Girl Who Dreamed a War book cover
A House of Breathless Passages book cover


A Sunday Threesome

Due to some kind of illness from beyond the stars, the scheduled release of my short story, ‘Fetch’, has been […]

Two For Wednesday (Giveaway)

Grab yourself free copies of my two short novels The Girl Who Dreamed a War and The Bennington Boy on kindle […]

Oh, Deer

The living dead. Walkers. Ramblers. Give them whatever nickname you like, but you can’t escape the zombie in our popular […]

Who am us?
Writer of many things, completer of some, Paul John Lyon grew up in his local library until they found him there in the non-fiction section and made him leave at the age of 18. He now writes horror, humour, and crime fiction to get revenge on librarians. His star sign is Alpha Canis Majoris, and he enjoys long beaches along his walk, anything with chili in it, and the hats of Dorothy Parker.