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Not So Stranger Things

Friday evening, three decades past. The internet is still science-fiction. Only 4 Channels exist on British TV, and if I want to play video games it’s the ZX Spectrum with all 3 of its glorious colo…

Oh, Deer

Download a FREE copy of ‘Dear’ when you signup for the Paul John Lyon newsletter. The living dead. Walkers. Ramblers. Give them whatever nickname you like, but you can’t escape the zombi…

The Shadows That Grew On Blakely Close

Download a FREE copy of ‘The Bennington Boy’ when you sign up for the Paul John Lyon newsletter. Writers keep lists. Lists of things to do, which quickly become lists of things not done. L…

Paint It White

Where do stories begin? Most of the time it’s hard to pinpoint, but in the case of my novel The Girl Who Dreamed a War, I know exactly when the story began and how it would always have to end. It to…

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Paul John Lyon’s passion for fiction began at the age of ten when his grandfather gave him a box of well-thumbed paperbacks. Between the yellowed pages of those books, he discovered tales of detectives and criminals, spies and lovers, grand victories, and grander defeats. More importantly, in that box were the seeds of a love affair that has lasted a lifetime. A few years later he was gifted a typewriter and began writing. He hasn’t stopped since.