Shorts Longs Home

Coming Jan 29th

Travel through time on Feb 5th

John Character is skipping through time, and he's not quite sure why, except it might have something to do with a noise complaint by the Mexicans

Find out why in the mind-bending story The Mexicans Have Complained Quite Strongly About the Noise*

*With apologies to Kurt Vonnegut

This Valentine's Day...

...join Kelly Blackheart, lead singer of the notorious punk band, The Blackhearts, as she searches for something as rare as an honest agent in Hollywood: a soul.


On February 26th find out what goes bump in the night in the spooky short, 'Faint'.

2021 Schedule*

*Subject to change at any time.

  • JAN 29th
    Dear (short)
  • FEB 5th
    The Mexicans Have Complained Quite Strongly About the Noise (short)
  • FEB 12th
    Blackheart (Novel)
  • FEB 26th
    Faint (short)
  • APR 16th
    A Knowledge of Blood (Novel)
  • APR 30th
    The Time and the Place (Short)
  • JUN 18th
    After the Rain
  • AUG 20th
    Hope Close
  • OCT 29th
    A House of Breathless Passages
  • DEC 17th
    Somewhere Never Travelled

Who? What? Where? Why? When?

My name is Paul Lyon, and I write stories about shadows, monsters, and fiends (not necessarily in that order). Sometimes those stories are scary, sometimes sad, and sometimes...sometimes they can be funny too.

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