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Two For Wednesday (Giveaway)

Grab yourself free copies of my two short novels The Girl Who Dreamed a War and The Bennington Boy on kindle until 10AM GMT 16/01/2020

The Girl Who Dreamed a War book cover |

When Elena Hayes’ daughter starts to draw disturbing images plucked from her dreams, it’s dismissed as a child’s reaction to the traumatic death of a friend. But soon those drawings become terrifying realities, and Elena must face up to the chilling truth that her child can see the future.

A future filled with violent and cataclysmic horrors, if her child’s most recent drawings are to be believed. A future that will see London devastated. A future that ends with the most terrifying event imaginable: nuclear annihilation.

Now, Elena must flee the city if she has any chance to save her daughter. But can disaster be outrun? Can she protect her child from a reality that shouldn’t be? Can the future be changed?

The Bennington Boy book cover |

A year after the death of her child, Amy Bennington thought she’d finally found her peace and quiet in the new house on Blakely Close. But when the lights go out all across the cul-de-sac, that peace and quiet is about to be shattered.

A ‘dark nobody’ lurks in the night, and he’s brought an even darker gift for her…a child.

Soon, Amy starts to experience the symptoms of pregnancy; morning sickness and cravings that go far beyond liquorice and ice cream. Something dark is growing within her, and if she doesn’t find a way to rid herself of the shadow child she’s carrying, its darkness threatens to spread into the world.

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