With Ravens Passing the Moon

Death flaps its wings

With Ravens Passing the Moon

Coming July 2021

Grandma says the birds carry off souls when they die, but when grandma dies and Tilly catches a crow, the line between this world and the next starts to blur.

Read Tilly’s story, and twelve others, in this moving, magical, macabre collection.

  • The Time and the Place
  • Girl In Some CafĂ©, Dreaming
  • A Shadow In the Flame
  • Must All Alike Decay?
  • The Ink Does Swallow
  • A Silence Like Moonlight
  • Sunrise at The Sunset
  • Moving Pictures
  • A Red Unbroken Mile
  • The Mortgage of Ghosts
  • A Conquered Fame
  • With Ravens Passing the Moon

Bastard son of a typewriter, Paul John Lyon writes in several genres, some of them without embarrassing himself.